October 21, 2004

You're Hired!

Yes, Donald Trump is coming to NZ radio.

TRN (The Radio Network) have added to their list of American radio programming produced by Premiere Radio Networks. TRN currently broadcast the American Top 40 on ZM, Easy Listening i has the "privately owned" John Tesh Radio Programme (although he thinks Auckland is Illawarra). I noticed Radio Hauraki now has one, and it's probably ZB's turn to join the band by airing "Trumped" from November.

Hi Folks, you're all fired!
Now some of the women that you read about and see are truly beautiful. They have some really incredible women. I don’t want to name too many of them and maybe I shouldn’t name any because I know so many of them. But they do have some beauties. - from "Trumped!" - Oct 20, 2004.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you will have to put up with that. The show is 60 to 90 seconds of Trump's opinion on celebrity marriages, pit bulls, and sundry news topics.

Even more annoying than Trump's own bombast is the shoddy sound editing - Trump records each sentence separately and then it's all pasted together.