October 4, 2004

Big Day Out 2005

I'm glad I skipped last years Big Day Out. So glad I saved my HARD EARNED moola for a gig that really counts.

Oh my furry little buffalo wings, the Big Day Out 2005 will be my vice.

Look out children - it's the BEASTIE BOYS!
SYSTEM OF A DOWN will perform for all - even Mr Whippy vendors.
The CHEMICAL BROTHERS have an icecream of their own, whereas THE MUSIC is the band that'll definitely help make memories. I hope they're playing around 5-7ish.
Theres also THE STREETS, THE DONNAS and the FREESTYLERS and I sincerely hope I can drink a bottle of orange under the sun on the grass with POWDERFINGER or the JOHN BUTLER TRIO as my soundtrack.
I suspect GRINSPOON will be the early evening medication, and CONCORD DAWN for those on medication.

Every single one of these acts will perform, and I actually know (and like) every single one of them. Impressive.

I like the fact that the NZ only performances include the return of Shihad, Steriogram and the D4 (whom I last saw @ BDO 2003 - love them pink shirts). Remaining are The Bleeders, Trinity Roots and the Misfits Of Science, all I've yet to see live.

Big Day Out 2005, Friday January 21 @ Ericsson Stadium - Gates Open 11am

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