May 29, 2004

The Superstation

I just learnt about a french radio station called France Bleu which has an extraordinary license - as it has 3 very interesting aspects.

Firstly, it's licensed power is 300,000W non-directional!
To follow that, the licensed frequency is AM (864Khz)!
to add to that, the AM transmission is.. Stereo.

So, to recap: This is an AM Stereo Radio Station pumping out 300,000W of power from the Eiffel Tower!


OK, here's another kicker. Confirmed coverage extendeds throughout Europe, Southern England and Ireland (800km away!) from this one transmission out of France [1][2]. I can only imagine it's circumference! (it does have local repeaters in isolated markets)

Any suggestions for a new liner? Post your comment!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah but.... this indicates to me that the modern day man forgets the joys of AM coverage - big wide area coverage.

I remember as a lad at home in Rotorua listening to Christchurch stations on my AM radio.
And that is more than 800km away.

But AM stereo is a bit of an orphan -

Cheers, Jo Chen