February 18, 2007

2007 and Michael Jackson returns...

It's getting crazy... Michael Jackson's new "album" is set to drop this year, and already the rumour mill is hotter than ever. Can I just say that Michael Jackson's PR team now includes the Myspace, Bebo and blogger communities! It's gonna be tough determining where the facts and where the fiction lies of course, but as the year unfolds, you can imagine how much hype there will be toward the release of his new recordings. Already there are interviews about it on YouTube [watch].

Over the last few years, the focus has been on his child molestation allegations, but others have been keeping track of whats going on in the 'underground' - bootleg remixes, and re-hashes of dumped tracks from 2001's Invincible have been floating around... somehow.

For example, since the end of 2006, Tempamental has been getting record hits for his track that features MJ and Pras on "No Friend Of Mine" - which is legit - although the harmonies sound like a slightly recycled "Liberian Girl" to me [watch].

Then there's the story about how Australian Radio illegally hammered another scrapped MJ song called "Xscape" around 2003 [watch].

Michael Jackon's 2007 album, may not even become a thing you can physically hold. It's been stated that it may be only released as a digital download... but thinking for a moment, if it were an "album", it might build so much hype that - it could make Michael Jackson the comeback artist of the decade. Take a look at the possible tracklisting:
* "Xscape"
Written by Michael Jackson
* "I Have This Dream (From The Bottom Of My Heart)"
Written by Michael Jackson
* "Be Me 4 a Day"
Written and composed by Michael Jackson, Claxis Days Grey
* "Benjamin"
Written by Michael Jackson
* "Go Easy"
Written by Michael Jackson, Produced by Will.i.am
* "He Who Makes The Sky Grey"
Written and composed by Michael Jackson, Jermaine Jackson and Sheik Abdullah Backing vocals by Kim Chandler
* "Heaven Sent"
Written by Michael Jackson
* "I'm Dreamin'"
Written and composed by Michael Jackson and will.i.am
* "No Friend of Mine" feat. Tempamental and Pras
Produced by will.i.am
Written and composed by John Legend
* "What's It Gonna Be?"
Written and composed by Michael Jackson
* "You Are So Beautiful"
Written and composed by Michael Jackson + The song is a dedication to his fan's support through-out the 2005 child molestation trial. And was written during his trial and is said to be very powerful and emotional.
2006 was the year of the Visionary Box Singles, and 2007 might just be the comeback year for Michael Jackson, if you take this track as an appetizer:

Tempamental, Will.I.Am & Michael Jackson - No Friend Of Mine (Gangsta)
web quality (3:14 / ogg / 1.14Mb)

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