July 21, 2009

Weird Al uses Twitter for audience research

A clever man - and not just for his accordian skills!

Weird Al Yankovic is seeking suggestions from his Twitter followers, for submissions for an upcoming "Essential" double CD which is slated to be released in October. I don't know if he will use the actual data, but boy - nothing beats the feeling like you are actually contributing!

Perhaps in addition, he could see which of his singles have been most favourited at Last.fm? See the images below for full results, but here is the Top 10 as of publishing:
  1. White & Nerdy
  2. Eat It
  3. Smells Like Nirvana
  4. Angry White Boy Polka
  5. Hardware Store
  6. Amish Paradise
  7. White & Nerdy (again)
  8. Fat
  9. A Complicated Song
  10. Yoda

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