November 18, 2010

The "Like" button

Yo, Facebook. What's up?

Saw your movie. Anyway...

I've seen your "like" button for a while now. I've clicked on it here and there around the web (as you no doubt are aware of), and I thought i'd make a suggestion.

Some people also want a "hate" button. I reckon if you considered this, you shouldn't use the word "hate". I know you can't use "un-like" either. We're already using that to change our mind about "liking" something. Which is a nice touch. Instead, if you are considering a thumbs down response, then perhaps "dislike" is the better go.

But that's not why I'm writing you.

I have an idea you'll like. You offer fantastic targeted advertising opportunities for your clients, which is great. But, like in your movie - ads are uncool.

So i'd like to suggest something that would help both your users (me), your advertisers (them) and possibly add a nice silver lining to ads that are displayed. Nearly all ads I see on Facebook are "cold-calls" by companies I've never heard of. Now, depending who put the ad there, it might have some clever copy to entice me to click, or inane hardsell tripe that I'd never click.

Add a new button called, "woo me". We all love deals, and Facebook is full of... "cool" users. If I was wooed by a great offer to an advertiser's website - then that is TRULY "liking" something. It goes beyond brand recognition "yeah, I like Dickies"... instead, the brand recognises me: "Dickies likes me".

Sounds alright, huh? There's more to it too. Contact me and I will fill you in ;)

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