December 31, 2010

Mixtape Mondays

I've bitten the bullet and created a new blog over at Posterous - but NOT to replace this one.

Too many blogs = too much work = no life, and I'm busy as it is. This one, however is simply to serve a little side-project that I'm really into at the moment.

The Twitter community has these things, such as "follow friday" where you simply type #ff and a handful of account names of interesting people you follow. No reason or explanation needed, just #ff and the names is recommendation / explanation enough. The hashtag #ff is all you need to keep an eye out for. [ Open with Tweettabs ]

So this little side project "Mixtape Mondays" (which name i've borrowed from a seemingly unrelated hashtag) and the #mixtapemonday is gaining momentum.

 As with a previous post here, I'm enjoying the challenge of putting together mixtapes that for lack of a better explanation, a "hot topic". It could be an international event, a holiday or observation, hollywood scandal or something else. 60 minutes (true to 80's mixtapes) of music, on topic.

  1. I'll usually find a topic and start creating a list of songs. After chipping away at the list for a couple of days, I'll usually come up with enough music to fill 60 mins.
  2. I'll then organise the order of songs, and bounce them down to one long mp3 file (and more recently, create an iPod friendly m4a copy - which comes to around 20% the size of the mp3), I then add the ID3 tags on both formats.
  3. Once that's done, I'll write up a new post with blurb for the Mixtape, and set it to future-post on the coming Monday.
  4. The mp3 / m4a files are usually uploaded to Mediafire by Friday and they are linked to the blog set to go.
  5. I then future-post a "tease" and "link" to Twitter and Facebook using HootSuite for release at 6am, 12pm and 6pm on the Monday, and then I start brainstorming the next Mixtape/s.
  6. Finally, bring beans to the boil, and place on a bed of fluffy cous-cous. Serves: 6 | Wine: Shiraz*
Why not check them out?
They're gaining in numbers at 

*Yes, step 6 is unrelated ...for those playing at home....


writer of the purple sage... said...

No, no, I'm cool with Step #6. In fact, Step #6 is about the only bit here that I truly understand!!
My only working knowledge of mix tapes was recording music off a radio (mono) by placing a very crappy mic right up to the speaker and, with finger hovering over record button, wait until Pete Sinclair (hosting the NZ Top Ten) played something that smoked my tyres!
I'd smuggle the tape recorder and mix tape into school the following day, and a group of us would gather around at the end of the playing field to listen!
Never got me laid though...LOL
Happy Noo Year, mate!

Richard said...

Ahh, Pete Sinclair. Come on in, the music's fine.