April 12, 2004

Who says NZ TV sucks?

Considering I have a life and watch about 2 hours a day (includes 3 News), I find myself bombarded with light comedy, movies or a doco on the human brain.
We have great programs nearly every night of the week!

- Rove Live (TV3)
- Nip/Tuck (TV2)
- Friends "last ever series" (TV2)
- Scrubs (TV2)
- Simpsons (new series) (TV3)
- Quality Time (TV3)
- The Late Show with David Letterman (Prime)
- Sportzah! (TV3)
- XSTV (TV2)
- Just Shoot Me (TV2)
- Malcolm In The Middle (TV3)

The Sopranos make a return also after Nip/Tuck wraps up.