February 2, 2005

Search yourself

Yeah, im a famous writer or something. Whats more impressive that I am an international corporation. Crikey!

What if one day, you received a phonecall from a company with your own name, asking you to join their team, and the entire team is comprised of people sourced and trained from around the world, all sharing your name.

"Good Afternoon, Richard Phelps International.. Richard speaking"
-yeah hi, can I speak with Richard Phelps
"Sure thing. One moment"
(then transfer to any old extension)

Imagine the horror of..
..the staff photos
..company payroll
..email addresses

If that became too much of a problem, maybe they could hire people with slight derivatives of the main name: Richard Pholps, Richard Phillips, Richard Flips, Richard Fops, Richard Phets, Richard Phits.

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