May 19, 2005

Stranger with Chocolates

Y'know them promotional chocolates Cadbury have for fundraisers?

(knock knock)
Me: "Word 'em up fool, whats the dilly?"
Rep: "Yo wiggle fizz, my peeps need cash money to pimp our ride. We got choc'itz for yo ass, off the hizzle"
Me: "Word. Got that puppysoft Caramello crunk, dog?"
Rep: "No doubt chicken-legs"
Me: "How much a stick, playa?"
Rep: "$3 a slab, you know its all good"
Me: "Fa sho'. Aiiit. Pimp me for two"
Rep: "Two fer six, Three for nine wigga"
Me: "I'm wid it. Hook me up wid a box G"
Rep: "Box in tow, dogg. Got yo click?"
Me: "Hell no"
Rep: "I got cho back dis time trump"
Me: "Yeah!. Respec my hustla".
Rep: "Peace out" (pound)


fishboy said...

Brilliant! Respect.

Jessie said...

Yum. I want me som'o'dat