June 2, 2005

Bits: June 2, 2005

Schappelle Corby ...gets advice from Martha Stewart, or Jeremy Corbett?

I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt about her knowledge on the whole thing. She broke a law, yes. Is it her fault for doing so? Only she knows this for sure. I've been reading discussion at Google:

Of course it is of concern, otherwise anybody could be found guilty of something that is entirely beyond their control. It is the cornerstone of any justice system.

So is it the same thing when causing a car crash by pushing the pedestrian crossing button, only to go back to your car and get your wallet?

Airfares to Bali: 13 nights from $1189 + $86 airline taxes (bali.co.nz)

How about that remix of Michael Jackson's "Can't Help It" from Tangoterje!??! Nice stuff (thanks Simon, have a safe trip)

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Smacked Face said...

Ooh I discovered that Tangoterje track the other day too. It's a winner.