June 21, 2005

Gaming squares off

Goodbye Nintendo. Nice Gamecube and all, but the firm arch rivals are set to play market wars like the big boys they are.

Sony and Microsoft announced their next generation gaming consoles in Mid May.

X-Box 360 looks like a woosh modem, obviously much bigger. It certainly is the better looking of the two. Lets hope like hell that their promise of surround sound delivers and the software doesnt bug out much. Official Blurb:
• Xbox 360™ is an integrated music, picture, games, and movie center.
• Use the camera to video chat or send video messages to friends across the globe via Xbox Live™.
• Stream recorded television, videos, movies, music, and photos from your Windows® XP Media Center PC straight to your Xbox 360. Enjoy all your digital entertainment on demand throughout your home with one integrated system.
• Play progressive-scan DVD movies right out of the box.
• Connect your portable music device to enjoy your favorite music while playing a game or chatting with friends online.
• Listen to FM and Internet radio.
• Receive game invites from friends while playing games, watching movies, or listening to music.
• Enjoy and share your digital photos with friends and family.
• Keep in touch with instant messaging via Windows Messenger and Xbox Live.

Playstation 3 looks more like a small fridge, and a moustache for a console. Sony Computer Entertainment chief Ken Kutaragi likes taking potshots at the new X-Box, clearly because he believes the new PS3 is 'computer entertainment' rather than 'gaming'. It is backwards compatible with PS2 and PS1 games - a cool function microsoft would never support. Other tools in its spec sheet include Dolby 5.1, Ethernet/Wifi/Bluetooth, USB/Flash/MemoryStick i/o, (up to) 7 controllers, can play pretty much any CD except its competitions. ps3land.com

I want a BEAST that is dedicated to providing excellent graphics, sound and usability. I want it to look alien, have its own name and planet and not resemble a "computer" in any way. Whoever gives that to me, gets my cash.

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