February 7, 2006

Vanessa Paradis

I was constantly surprised by the force which she gave off. She has all it takes to be a great actress. Gérard Depardieu.

I'm a fan of Vanessa Paradis. From the sweet and innocent Jo Le Taxi of '87, to the face of Chanel (watch video), to her movies such as the Girl On the Bridge (or La Fille sur le Pont). Those cheeks, the soft french accent.. how could Johnny Depp or even Lenny Kravitz resist?

Joe le Taxi is a song about a taxi driver (after the songs popularity, cabbies were nicknames "Joes"). It's sort of a strange song for a 13-year-old to sing, even though the lyrics were rewritten to be more appropriate for her age. It's a profile of Joe, who knows where all the little bars are, where all the Algerians hangout. He's got a thing for rum, Latin music, his sax, and dreams of going to the Amazon.

Vanessa Paradis - Jo Le Taxi.ogg | 1.5Mb/1987
Vanessa Paradis - Jo Le Taxi (2002 Remix).ogg | 1.6Mb/2002

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