February 9, 2006

Im taking this bloody car to Invercargill

'Sup bitches.

I've never intended this blog to be a diary of any sort, moreso a letter of opinion, or 'look at what I found', or a zipbag of shit I collect and share with you for no apparent reason. I have no real idea who reads this, or if this text is submitted into the blogosphere to clutter the already bogged up ASCII that fills the web ocean thats making like our ice caps, or has you distracted outside the square for even a moment.

I am a creative person at worst, brain constantly misfiring, thinking about things often from the bizarre, or non constructed, to sometimes being completely logical. Those moments ARE important, even if I dont wholeheartedly agree with it today (or next year when I may next read this post via the archives). I have no intention of closing this blog.. never even crossed my mind actually until now, but I digress. I just wanted to let you know that even though I often post up some oggs here, or a link to Bungle and the dirty bastards at Rainbow, I still care about you. I still value your click to get here. I have been quite busy of late and I have a few choice tales to tell, bits of advice to share, and enough music to make you spaz out. Like ohmygod.

Is that you Nessie?Who knows what the year will bring? Im over pink t-shirts for guys. Never wore one, never liked the 'fad'. May as well wear lipstick if you're gonna do that, c'mon. Im getting a new battery for my Nokia 3310 and refuse to upgrade. I dont need 3G. That phone will last me till 2010, coz its a mobile phone dammit, not an underwater camera or mp3player/cellphone/mortgage advisor. I still have a functioning 'brick' somewhere (I suspect many of you may also still have one lying around in storage) and may even charge that sucker up. Go back to the old Bellsouth number!

...I'm gonna take this bloody [insert item] to Invercargill...

Something odd has happened while writing this. My internet connection has fallen off, and can't reconnect. Im typing dead text. Well, its not really. I just copied and pasted these words into notepad, should Firefox suddenly bug out (sorry not happened yet Bill, but Blogger is another story). So anyway, the net is off, Im writing this, and waiting for it to come back on so I can post this. The rest of the text below not in italics, I wrote earlier. Im just clogging up the middle of this post now with my rambling about this now over inflated moment. Sorry.

I taught my Mother that she can write her emails without being on the net, just connect before you want to send/receive and hang up again. She is on dialup, so I think that works for her, in regards to an available phone line. She doesnt want any extra hassle from Telecom with their option of having the phone free while shes on the net, coz her provider is someone else, so these two companies would likely make it very difficult for her to have this option anyway. So being offline for her, is being online. Why do I all of a sudden think about how Andrew now has 'no screen Sundays' and see logic behind that? I get the idea, Andrew, and you're lucky that household windows are not yet TV screens for consumers. But you're not allowed to look at walls! Remember that. Oh, if you're church going, consider your options.

Enough banter, the net has come back on, so watch me now segue into the text I wrote earier. Speaking of 'moments'...

I have Eminems 'Curtain Call' staring at me, so here, have a song. Go wiggy yo. Pick it up before Feb 17, 2006 before the next single is out or whatever. I have no idea why this CD is on my desk. I've long forgotten. Oh, by the way, anyone been to Lido Theatre? ...and how do you feel about bright red pillowcases?

Eminem (feat. Nate Dogg) - Shake That.ogg 1.9Mb/2006

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