March 2, 2006

Now, here comes the music

Or soon, shall I say?

I topped out my Woosh bandwidth mid Feb, and have to wait until the next month anniversary for it to get back up to the pitiful half a meg they supply. Make or break in 2006 Woosh, make or break.

Don't Fuck With Stress
When I take on a new challenge, I feel great about it. Excited. Only so often these challenges prove to be overwhelming. It looked okay from a distance, but once you get into the grit, you really wish you hadn't dipped yourself in its paint. Im currently in this situation, and to be fair I have been coping with the workload, but with stress being the byproduct, its knocked me off my feet. I've been ill for almost a week now. Last saturday I slept for a cumulative 18 hours, and another 12 on Sunday. Down to 10 over the week, and now im back to 8. I've also had a sinus headache with a complimentary tickle-me chest cough, so thats been really lovely to deal with. Don't fuck with stress. It will win.

I guess the upside, is that my voice is really deep, almost like Don. Hmm I was thinking last night about our New Zealand corporate voices. Robert 'Bert' Taylor, John Sweetman, Mark Perry, Michael Keir-Morrissey, John Callen, Warren Thomas, Daniel Wrightson.. even my mate Dan Bernstone has been heard on TV2 recently, and whatever happened to Gavin Comber? Anyway, I thought it would be a cool idea to have a reality show called Voice Off, where these big voices would take part in an array of weird and wonderfully funny things to say; like tricky lines, movie scripts, bizarre TV ads, radio liners, and dumb words like lollypop or bananarama. That would be funny watching them all sink their teeth and reputation into it. Winner gets a new limousine.

Another broadcaster joins the blogger club, to bare his soul to you curious monkeys. Check out Smartys blog. Maybe he'd appreciate my writeup on nightjocks diet?

I'll be back here after March 5 with music, so maybe some light reading from the archives would suffice. Theres plenty of good stuff there. Sadly, Google being clever bastards, they are yet to optimize the blogsearch box (top left of this page), so keyword search results are poor, but I hear its on their fix it list.

Hey, speaking of keywords, do you find the TVNZ 'keyword' thing a bit of a joke? I was watching Mitre 10 Dreamhome the other night (it was an accident), and the way the host plugged the website was difficult to swallow:
"Just log on to tvnz dot co dot nz and enter in the keyword, mitre ten dream home". Would it not be easier for the show to have its own website, and links to the TVNZ website that way? Shame the Reinventing TVNZ blog has shrivelled up. They really need to send ex TVNZ bosses to Redemption Hill, not teenagers. Geoff Steven is now doing good.

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