March 9, 2006

The Kirk Lick

I just watched that appalling "Trading Spouses", and although the fitness mom was so bloody irritating [read comments about her here], it was the Montana womans "fisherman husband" who really, really, REALLY got me and my flatmate screaming 'EWWWWW!'.

His name is Kirk and when he first met the fitness mom at the airport, when his jaw was not hanging near the ground, he would lick his lips, in a quick lizard type swipe. Then on the trip back to his place *lick*, then throughout the entire episode, anytime you saw him comment, it would quickly be followed by a *lick*. We were so disgusted by this... EWWW!

Uggghhh. Not as bad as the "crazy christian lady" [video]

Dudes, if you ever find yourself doing this - chapped lips or not - stop immediately. Thats just nasty nasty stuff.

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