March 22, 2006

Believe the hype

I thought id point you to The Hype Machine again.

It's a great mp3 blog aggregator, which of late has been servicing excellent musical escapades. mp3 Bloggers are theming a lot of posts these days.. wether it be covers of Nirvana tracks, or, how many people can you think of who have recorded the song 'Body & Soul'. I especially enjoy mp3 bloggers who write a personal take on a band, or artists career around a certain era. Jefito's Blog does a lot of that.

Check out The Hype Machine. I have placed a 'top 10 downloads' link in my sidebar, so you can see whats hot, at a glance. Despite the addition of a ton of advertising, its a great website to spend 30 minutes browsing.

Theres a lot of hype out there, and best of all, its not generated by the record companies, its by the listeners.

Speaking of hype, anyone buying a new Xbox 360 at 1 minute past midnight tonight?

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