March 29, 2006

Lifted again

yeah, here is where i made it. go click
Awww shit. Petrol is up again.
Although Europe pays through the tooth for petrol per litre, New Zealand ain't far behind. Who has the cheapest petrol? Robert did some digging.

So to turn a negative into a positive, being lifted is a good thing, especially if its a feeling.

This song always reminds me of driving across the Kaimai ranges toward Tauranga back in 1997. I left the drive show on The Breeze 89.8 Waikato to work 10-2 on Triple X 99FM Tauranga. As I was driving, I tuned into my new station with an air of excitement and this was one of the first songs I heard. Hearing this song today always reminds me of the feeling of heading toward a new challenge, a calm excitement. Refreshed.


Lighthouse Family - Lifted

*pick it up before April 10, 2006

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