March 10, 2006

MC Hammer (16 years on)

I dont know if you noticed, but I linked MC Hammers blog. I have no idea what he was singing about back in '90 nor do I now, but hes a funny guy, obviously much more spiritually centered, and has a family now (check out some pics of him and his son, Jeremiah).

I stay about ten days from show ready, so working out and staying fit is a must plus I love it! I train specifically for dancing. I do full body days. Three days in a row. I work my chest and lower back and abs a lot. No heavy weight. I have to be able to explode and be quick and fast with my hands and feet.

He still does his exercise regime, he takes a crapload of pictures, and seems to really enjoy life these days. Considering the man was declared bankrupt in the mid 90s, and last year he sold off the rights to a couple of his songs (including a 50% share in "U Can't Touch This", which he netted in February), you can tell he's feeling back on top. He's got a new album to promote I guess. You can even watch him on video. He even posts audio blogs.

It's quite funny listening to his voice - its been years since I actually listened to anything this man had to say, or, rap. My favourite MC Hammer tracks from back in the day, were "Turn This Mutha Out", "Dancin' Machine" and "Have You Seen Her", but I will give you this one, coz it seems fitting.

MC Hammer - Too Legit To Quit* ogg/1.6Mb/1991

*get it before March 17, 2006

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