March 29, 2006

Moderate Impact

Thats the warning on the front of Sean Pauls album "Trinity", and fairly accurate if I am to describe its effect on me. Impressive. Moderately impressive.

Sean Paul at least has a 'thang', being Jamaican and consistent with his heritage, plus the dutty rock groove is very infectious. I like it - just not all the time.

I would like to think that there are a pool of people in Jamaica that sit around all day, that just 'kick it' during the day running a music shop, or braiding stall who make up chur-as phrases on a daily basis, then a young boy would take the daily scrolls, get on his pushbike and take it to Sean Pauls' dutty mansion on de hill for inclusion into his lyrics, which when each new album is released, acts as a megaphone for the new lingo, so the rest of the world can adopt it into their own. Life in Jamaica huh?

"Bless up, dere aint no stress up"

Sean Paul - Never Gonna Be The Same ogg/1.7Mb/2005
Sean Paul - Send It On ogg/1.6Mb/2005

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