March 21, 2006

Whats in my head?

I spent 30 minutes or so today at the Mt Eden Officemax store with two guys from my team. I was investigating workstation desks. As exciting as that really sounds, it was actually a lot of fun trying out massive 'CEO designed' desks, and sitting in 'waiting chairs' next to a mannequin was fun too. The guys also got a great snap of themselves with the mannequin where they... ahh I'll leave that there.

Instore, there was a cameraman filming some guy, talking into the camera - likely for a corporate video or something, so we obligingly walked past in shot behind the presenter. Look out for us (if they keep us in) next time you watch an Officemax Products video presentation.

As we were exploring the different characteristics of two particular workstations, the tune "Happy Birthday IBM" suddenly hit me, and played in my head.

Its a song by Australian band Models, which came out in their early days just after they had done a show with The Ramones. Models are much better known for their big radio hits* of '84 and '85, 'Barbados' and 'Out Of Mind Out Of Sight', respectively. In Australia, 'Barbados' reached #2 while 'Out Of Mind Out Of Sight' reached #1. What you may not know, is that Eddie Rayner (Split Enz) produced their song 'Atlantic Romantic', or they had Buster Stiggs (The Swingers) in the band around the time they got signed to A&M records after supporting The Police in 1981.

'Happy Birthday IBM' is one of those tunes that really scream 'corporate furniture shopping', and little in the way of computing. Well, in my head anyway. Take a listen.

Models - Happy Birthday IBM ogg/1.8Mb/1980

*pick up this Ogg before March 28, 2006

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Simon said...

Buster was in the Suburban Reptiles too Richard