May 23, 2006

Fiction Factory

A few weeks back, I was heading over to Mt Roskill from Greenlane. I loaded the 1984 album "Throw The Warped Wheel Out" by Fiction Factory in the car and listened to it over the next day or so. Modern mathematics calculates that I heard the album twice, and it was good enough for me not to skip over ANY of the tracks contained within.

"Feels Like Heaven" is definitely the standout song. There are a couple of other songs on there which were quite nice too, so I've included one of those for you today. Then I find out Im not the only one whoz recently dusted this album off.

Fiction Factory - Feels Like Heaven ogg/1.5Mb/1984
Fiction Factory - Panic ogg/2Mb/1984

Watch the video: "Feels Like Heaven"

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