May 23, 2006

OMD's Telegraph & Tesla Girls

The detail behind some of these OMD songs are blisteringly boring, sometimes interesting, mostly 'heh'.

Telegraph was originally scheduled to be the first single from the album Dazzle Ships, but the band weren't happy with the mix and, with pressure from Virgin, opted for Genetic Engineering instead. Telegraph was inspired by the use of morse code and the telegraph during wartime. The morse code that can just be heard in the background of the title song spells out 'Telegraph' [in morse].

Tesla Girls uses a sample of Maureen Humphreys singing "No" recorded into an Emulator. It was also the first time the band had used a Linn Drum. The title Tesla Girls was suggested by Martha Ladly (from Martha & The Muffins), while the song was inspired by Nikola Tesla - a Yugolsavian-born scientist responsible for the Alternating Current, much to the benefit of Thomas Edison.

OMD - Telegraph ogg/2Mb/1983
OMD - Tesla Girls ogg/2Mb/1984

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