May 8, 2007

Virgin Radio coming to NZ?

HT Media are set to buy up Canwest's interests in NZ. [ link ]

From the HT Media website:
As part of its expansion into electronic media, HT Media, through its subsidiary HT Music and Entertainment Company Ltd., has entered the FM radio market in key Indian cities through a consulting partnership with Virgin Radio.
Virgin Radio!?

  • Could this deal pave the way for the Virgin brands to enter NZ? Richard Branson digs NZ remember...
  • Will HT Media become interested in purchasing Apna AM and/or Tarana, perhaps re-branding it Fever?
  • Will this finally lead to a shakeup of the current radio formats, opening the door for more commercial enthnic radio?
  • Could HT Media help play a part in finally waking up the radio sector, to it's extremely underserved multicultural audiences - especially in Auckland?
When Canwest acquired Radioworks in 2001, the running gag was that a Canadian music quota might be implemented as policy.... More Alanis Morrissette, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion etc...
I wonder if the Mediaworks offices today are stocking up on Bollywood DVDs and their soundtracks... probably not....

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