May 28, 2007

Hawkeye hits again

Hi Blog world...

So where the bloody hell are ya?

Sydney mate!

I got an email about this new website - Linka - which is now another industry double entendre (see Linker). Anyway, you post your favourite weblink, and then you tell your friends, who vote for the link, so more people can read the link, and you'll be popular for a nanosecond.

Hawkeye spotted the ghastly logo fluff-up (below). On the positive side, I got a response (AND it was fixed) within 4 minutes - at 11:30 on a Sunday night?!?!? Hmmmm.

Enjoy the music - see the imeem player on the right. Come back soon, coz I will be putting a swag of stuff on there for you to listen to, should you be that way pleasured ;)

Linka - launch logo

Linka - they just fixed it, ahem yes.

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