June 11, 2007

Radioscope finally returns

The news is back. Radioscope returns with a mambo-built website, and it's now free!

Originally an industry magazine, funded by subscriptions - it was a staple for the industry throughout the 90s. It went online around 2000, providing support, news and teasers of job movements within the NZ radio industry. Charts and survey fiagures were soon added and Media Sauce grew.

In 2005, they stopped publishing the glossy magazine, and went online as a subscription news business, covering the radio and music industry headlines. Perhaps this industry is just too small or whatever, but even as a subscriber to it, I found that Medianstrip/Radioscope waned as a source for radio related news. I will excuse the fact that the industry is changing, and no longer exclusively radio. Either there's not enough news, or too much of it - I got the impression by the lack of updates that a major restructuring was underway. Web 2.0 also made it far too easy for me to get the stories long before they're published at Radioscope. There are industry bloggers, and somehow word of mouth has become a quicker means of getting information. That, I find interesting. Radioscope couldn't hold the exclusive.

I like the new website, simple (and free) as it is. I'm hoping for the articles and interviews that were such a huge attraction to the original published magazine. While the costs of taking it back to press will likely prevent this from happening, I trust that Paul and the Radioscope crew will continue to truck on. Thanks for providing RSS, I look forward to the forum and profiles, and more additions to the LPFM list as well.

Welcome back Radioscope!


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