June 19, 2007

A good virus

User generated content is most certainly the future. I jumped in fairly early into the blog world, but of late I've been focussed on other things. Now to take focus again, it's clear that the web is shying away from corporate flyer websites (we send you receive), into it's very appropriate new name "web 2.0", where the users generate and the users receive.

iGoogle rocks my world. Everything I want to see at a glance is on my iGoogle homepage. Yahoo was clunky when they did this 'cutom homepage' idea around 1997, today they've fallen behind the fresh thinking of Google, who's superior "Reader" product is inmeasurably invaluable. I have an inbox for all the RSS fed news I'm particuarly interested in, grouped and sourced the way I like it. Saves me oddles of time trapsing the net!

I very much like finding these news tools by Google by what could be a calculated accident, then deciding to 'opt in' and participate. Helps too that I only need 1 Google account to have all this at my disposal.

Spamming/emailing me the latest 'innovation' may serve only to piss me off. Block sender? Yep.

I'm now keen on contributing more to infonews.co.nz and Scoopit, Delicious and others I'm sure. As I say, it's a good virus - all this interesting news going around :)

Oh lookie! Blogger is introducing video!

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