June 19, 2007

K-Rock, KROQ & HD2 formats

I just listened to the audio file where 92.3 Free FM returned to New York it's beloved K-ROCK (minus Howard Stern). A rare radio moment toward the end where the General Manager jumps on air and apologises for taking K-Rock off the air. It's like the "good guys won" [comment]. If only the same could be done to bring back Channel Z here in NZ, even as an internet-only radio station. These guys managed to to do it with K-ROCK 2.

Speaking of which, the Los Angeles long standing KROQ, after implementing HD2 their broadcast, also launched a 'version' of KROQ, or simply, time delaying KROQ from the 80's. It's called ROQ of the 80s [listen live]. Choice!

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the beatmeister said...

Perhaps this is the reason why most listeners are now on satellite radio. :)

Anway, hope it's ok that I included your link in my blog. Also, I've uploaded new mixes so please feel free to check it out mate.