July 2, 2007

The almighty cassette

Call me a backward prat, but I still prefer putting together mixtapes (to my partners delight!)

Technology is great, but when you try and fit. it. with. old. ways... the ways you like to do things, it falls short.

Take a mixtape for example. Hands up if you know how to send a friend your mixtape, to their ipod? Oh, but Phelps, haven't you heard of Last.fm? Yes, but not really. Here in NZ, we just got iTunes, and digital downloading is just starting to filter through to our subconscious. The marketing of which ain't even splashing me.

It's been painfully slow thanks to Telecom's draconian approach to REAL broadband, and the joys it can bring (at an afforable speed & price). So Last.fm really ain't on the map here.

After reading the iPod vs Cassette tests by No Name No Slogan, and a test of the iTrip undertaken 3 years ago by gadgetophile - it's still clear that the cassette tape still has it's charms.

I have a poster on the wall here at work, that explains such charms, an iPod could perhaps never garner. Click the picture or go make your own!

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the beatmeister said...

Yup! Agree with you mate. Nothing beats old school. I, for one, still have a cassette collection myself with some mixes, which I did in the late 80s-90s.

BTW, have some new updates at my blog, some 90s hiphop stuff and 80s new wave/electro remixes. please visit. http://totallymixedup.blogspot.com/

thanks! :)