May 26, 2009

Bloody Boy Racers

So this article has me all riled up on this topic again. John Key wants to crush boy racer cars.

Let me put this on the web one more time:


The culture that surrounds these morons is incomprehensible. They are bogans who do not obey road rules, challenge unanimous laws, and more importantly, they kill and injure innocent people with their vehicles, through reckless driving on public roads. One death, even one injury is completely unacceptable.

When I spotted a link on Facebook from the Christchurch group, I had to comment:
Sorry, but if you are a car enthusiast, you wouldn't be driving around in it like an idiot disrupting communities, drinking while driving/running people over, or doing anything that would remotely attract the attention of the police!

Respected car enthusiasts recognise the benefits of well organised eventing as there are speedways you can hire to put your car to the test - Meremere and Pukekohe are perfect examples.

Public roads are NOT the place for "boy racers" or any form of drag racing IMO. If they do, the idiots definitely deserve to be stripped of the vehicle. As for crushing, well John Key might be shitting in his own electorates of favour, but at least the roads will be safer, because IMO, this issue is about preventing death - not a road toll, but deaths caused by anarchic drivers.
The introduction of CTP (Compulsory Third-Party Car Insurance) would be a good start, New Zealand. Why the hell is this not law already? Aunty Helen - did you see a proposal of this very nature in your 8 years as Prime Minister? Now John Key has the chance to do this, but instead he strikes a vendetta on boy racers, by threatening to crush their cars as a last resort ("if the message doesn't get through, then this should").

Speed Racers are nothing new. Today's "Classic Car Clubs" were once road hogs, they are now elitist collectors with well organised (and generally interesting) events. CTP would instantly take un-insurable vehicles off the road, and I would hope the price tag, and paperwork involved will help boy racers understand the true meaning of "car enthusiast". Classic Car Clubs understand that if a car is not roadworthy, or not WORTH being on the road for fear of damage (and now crushing as a last resort of penalty), then it's common sense to keep it off the road. You wouldn't accidentally kill anyone should the steering fail down the main street, or going past a school.

If it's about respect and status, boy-racers are deluded.

Mowing down and killing people at parties, killing innocent people in head-on collisions at over 160kph, juvenile attitudes toward the police, and disturbing the peace are not the kind of things that earn respect.

There is a difference between having a passion for your car (a car enthusiast), and being a complete idiot (out of control driver).

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Philbee... said...

Hi there, Richard:

I'm right behind the "crushing" initiative and have advocated this for years. It should also be part of the punishment for the 'boy/girl racer' involved to have to push the button themselves, to initiate and witness the destruction of their precious deathmaker machine. They may then experience a little of the pain that many of their actions have visited upon others.
I'm not a nazi spoilsport: I just want a safe happy community for all. Racers can also have their fun - at car club events.

PhilBee, NZ