June 18, 2009

Gifts Dad will love, but no-one else will

Fathers Day is coming up, so I thought I'd give you a bit of help to think outside the square a bit, when considering a gift.

Guys like customisation. Especially when it comes to gadgets, but more broadly, anything that is funtional and slapped with a bit of humour that matches their personality will ALWAYS be a winner!

Click the image for more information... Have fun!

For the executive who has everything. Practice your drumming chops in those 'quiet' office moments with this groovy desktop mini drum kit.

If he cannot live without pizza, this crazy pizza cutter can become your favorite invention.

Titled Pizza Pro 3000, this pizza slicer looks like a circular saw is a new kitchen gadget for those who a kitchen tools obsession

What more can I say? If he has Rockband, then this is a must have to the collection.

Beatles Rockband might cost a pretty penny, but there's set to be a lot of fun with these creaky old hits!

This BBQ device promises to end all of those portable nightmares that you can think of! First is portability.

The folding design minimizes space and folding the BBQ creates a chimney effect that blast heats the coal ready for cooking in just 7-10 minutes.

It’s a full-size pool table which uses a Sixties camper as its base. The shortened and narrowed car has had all of its mechanicals removed, while lifting the engine cover reveals storage for the balls.

However, the lights still work, and it’s classed as a trailer, so is actually road legal!

Hang his favourite suit, or shirt on one of these Superman Coathangers, designed by a young Slovakian company!

He'll feel pretty special everytime he wears these clothes, knowing he possesses secret powers that only you and he knows about.

A simple and effective gift - but not an 'only' gift!

And the winner is...

Why settle for a robotic voice offering you turn by turn directions when you can have a well known American father figure.

He may not be the world’s best dad, but you have to love his antics and who could resist some of his fatherly advise in the from of “Take the third right. We might find an ice cream truck! Mmm…ice cream.”


Philbee... said...

OMG! A car GPS saying "Duuuhhh!!" That would make me want to drive under the next truck!

Dave said...

We call those Dadgets.