June 20, 2009

Tweet Tabs

Okay, so I've been using Twitter for a few months now.

It hasn't been too difficult to use, or remember to update. Reason being, there has been one program I've used that's been easy (until now) for me to use Twitter.

It's a Firefox plugin called Twitterfox. Now, it's a great tool to have but the more you use Twitter, it makes the browser sluggish - coz it's constantly pulling tweets from Twitter. This means its downloading.. all... the... time...

So I removed it and went searching for another solution.

I could just go to my default Twitter homepage: twitter.com/richardphelps ...however its a slow process to find new people, and use Twitter effectively - such as follow them, re-tweet their messages, shorten URLs to send... that's why I use Hoot Suite!

Anyway, today - lucky I jumped online, coz one company I follow on Twitter (@killerstartups) informed me of Tweet Tabs.

The moment I saw it, I "got it". I'm not even going to explain how it works, coz its very simple. You only need to be a Twitter user, understand what a hashtag is (and pick a few to follow), and you're set.

All TV and Newspaper newsrooms, journalists, media commentators, talk format radio, and anyone who wants to follow hot hopics, but also watch trending topics - needs Tweet Tabs.

My Tweet about Tweet Tabs is top left in the pic. Click image for larger view :)

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