May 28, 2010

How I Won a Digital Radio

I am fairly chuffed about this. I own a Digital Radio!

As of May this year, I received a promotion at work into a newly created position which centres around Digital Radio broadcasting. As long and as hard I have worked for this (5+ years), and as the excitement escalated once an official launch date for Digital Radio in the city where I live, I quickly realised that I had a hurdle to overcome. I needed a Digital Radio, and because these things are new, they're expensive! So I resigned myself to talking with the wife to start a savings goal to buy one. No longer.

As an avid user of social media, one day I found myself putting the final touches on a Facebook page for one of our radio stations, set to launch the day I moved into my new position. I needed to provide a link to the online stream, and after creating a static page, I thought I might use a picture of a Digital Radio as the "player" instead of using the old Windows Media Player look.

So off to look for a good clean picture. Straight to the manufacturers websites, for product shots. Pure, OXX, Philips, TEAC, Revo, Arcam and the others... I was really impressed by the look of the Pure Sensia but decided against it, as it seemed to be "of its own distraction", meaning the radio would be more interesting than the stream page I created. I just wanted a radio that had a good balance between familiar - but different. The Sensia is WAY too unfamiliar as well, and then I saw the OXX Digital Vantage. While obtaining the images, I found that OXX had a presence on Facebook and Twitter, so I followed them.

A few days later on their Twitter stream, OXX announced a competition to "Win a Digital Radio". All I needed to do to enter is "like" them on Facebook (tick), and re-tweet the competition (tick). A few days later I checked their Facebook page for updates. A few people were also keen. I posted a message on my Facebook page saying "fingers crossed I win this Digital Radio on Wednesday". On that Wednesday I checked their page and to my surprise, they announced me as their winner! I jumped with excitement by shouting out "AWEEEEEEEESOME!" Nearly woke up my 1y/o son!

Two days later, it arrived!

Now I'm just waiting for the launch in about a month

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