December 3, 2004

Dwayne Francks faces the music

Entertainer Dwayne Francks has appeared in Wellington District Court today on sex charges. He faces two charges of indecent assault and one charge of inducing a seven-year-old child to perform a sexual act. The comedian, who appeared on the game show, 'Face the Music', will next appear in Christchurch District Court in February. IRN 3/11/04

What a shocker... and I loved that show too!

Face The Music - boot up your media player
Here's one for Dwayne: [CLUE][ANSWER]


Anonymous said...

she (the girl that was malested)is my cousin and i am ready 2 kill dwayne

Anonymous said...

I have known Dwayne since grade 7, and he was my friend. But if I ever find him on this side of the Pacific, he is a dead man. The damage he has done to those little girls may never be undone. I was appalled to see that the judge allowed him to file for home confinement. He should have been put in prison with the general population. I am fucking raging, and I'm tempted to make the trip down under just to feed him to the sharks. What a fucking asshole. Jan. 18, 2009

Anonymous said...

he's in christchurch, playing keys in bands