December 24, 2004

Rejected Radio Formats

Talking Clock FM
"We provide up to the minute information on the time. Call us and request the local time in any part of the world, and go in the monthly draw to win a watch - defeating the purpose of listening"

Silent FM

"Here at Silent FM, we play for you recordings of the quietest places on the planet, 24/7. From the middle of the Sahara, to a rockface in Canada, every recording is of the highest quality and we guarantee you'll enjoy silent fm especially in rush hour"

Alzheimers AM
"Alzheimers AM brings you a fresh listening experience, although some laundry powders are better on my clothes. Checking traffic now.. Mainly fine today with an expected top temperature, I had my temperature taken yesterday"

Sub FM
"At Sub FM, we only play music under 80Hz. Turn up ya Sub and enjoy all your favourites on Sub FM"

Reception FM
"Reception FM is the worlds best radio station, guaranteed to make your day by playing only YOUR favourite music - remember, we change frequency every 500ms. Check out our website to find out what frequency we will be on for half a second in your area"

Backwards FM
"Every album cut, ever made - all played backwards. Our announcers speak backwards, the ads are backwards and the music is backwards, 7/24"

Loud Quiet FM
"Our DJ's don't just double-fade when they talk, they do it all the time! Catch all your favourite music LOUD then quiet then LOUD then quiet, then LOUD then quiet then LOUD then quiet then LOUD then..."

Joke Radio

"All jokes are funny - at some level, and here at Joke Radio, we tell the joke but ignore the punchline, then laugh for 10 seconds. Why did the chicken cross the road? HAHAHAHHA!!"

Alphabet FM
"Forgotten your ABC's?. Alphabet FM can help. We bring you the worlds best celebrities reciting the alphabet all day, everyday. Current promotion: If you hear our celebrity miss out a letter anytime between 6am and 6pm weekdays, call us and win $26 cash instantly!"

suggestions accepted...


Amanda said...

lol some of them were crazy like silent FM?!?

Smacked Face said...

I'm sure I've accidentally tuned into all these stations before... genius...

Richard said...

cheers Jen. I decided not to list "Drunk FM" where the hosts are trollied heh.

Anonymous said...

What about "House FM". Oh hang on... (DC)

Smacked Face said...

There simply aren't enough drunk radio hosts these days. Everyone knows music sounds better with a pissed idiot on the mic, slurring all over the top of some DJ's finest mix...

Smacked Face said...

BTW this station may well incorporate all of the above:

Anonymous said...

What about Drag Show Classics!