December 10, 2004

Jo Schmo, yo.

While a lot of late night TV toe viewers settle in for the "Joe Schmo Show", there are bigger fish on the boil. More on that in a mo'.. 'yo.

"Living The Dream" was NZ's take of the Spike TV show "The Joe Schmo Show" and after seeing ep1 of the first series last Wednesday, it is certainly better than our effort. You can see the formula of this franchise at work - with the obligatory gay guy, rich bitch and smarmy host. Some of the stunts are exactly the same and the format works well.

Season 2 has not one, but two puppets in the same situation - a guy and girl. Its already wrapped up in the states and the producers have moved on with the whole concept, into a new show called Invasion Iowa [blog]. This puppy dupes the whole town of Riverside, Iowa. (pop 928)
The townspeople think William Shatner (shit, now 73!) is coming to shoot a science fiction movie called 'Invasion Iowa.' What they don’t know is that the movie is fake, and they’re about to take a front row seat to a ridiculous parody of Hollywood.

Keep your eyes open for Julie Christie and crew scouting you to help on a new sci-fi movie.

Incidentally of minor interest, Iowa was compensated recently by the premium that Hamilton's Xenacom have set up their HQ there. Lucky buggers.

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