January 11, 2005

Mile Eye on de Telly

I'm thoroughly enjoying Mile High [TV2,Tue@10pm - overview] and considering there's bugger all promotion for this show here (not that this is the reason, but) it will probably slip the radar for upcoming UK TV award ceremonies.

The Office's Ricky Gervais (David Brent) has accepted a gig in the next Mission:Impossible 3, because of its success, so UK satire has a lot of attention ot the moment. Ricky has also just scooped Kate Winslet for his next TV project.

I was also thinking about how 24 launched into its 4th series in the US last night to good audience numbers and I hope we won't have to wait too long for the 4th series in NZ.

Movieblog also reminded me about the upcoming awards shows like the Grammy Awards on Feb 13 (US time):

Record Of The Year 2004 nominees list:

• "Let's Get It Started" - The Black Eyed Peas
• "Here We Go Again" - Ray Charles & Norah Jones
• "American Idiot" - Green Day
• "Heaven" - Los Lonely Boys
• "Yeah!" - Usher Featuring Lil Jon & Ludacris.

The other category my white skinned rapper complex is interested in is the best Rap Album - woooo-eee a tight race again this year:

• "To The 5 Boroughs" - Beastie Boys
• "The Black Album" - Jay-Z
• "The Definition" - LL Cool J
• "Suit" - Nelly
• "The College Dropout" - Kanye West.

[full 2005 grammy nominees list]

Hollywood's silly season is never complete without the lush red carpet for the 77th Academy Awards, where the nominees are announced on Jan 25th. This years, is hosted by Chris Rock, rather than mostly annoying Steve Martin or the stalwart Billy Crystal. Im looking forward to seeing Chris Rock in the opening sequences of the ceremony (where he will cameo in the years biggest movies, in a spoof-off) possibly in such flicks like Kill Bill, Harry Potter, Passion of the Christ, i-Robot, Eternal Sunshine, Starsky & Hutch, Alien vs Predator, Riddick or even Super Size Me or F/911?!??! Wait and see..

Meanwhile, back at home - Shortland Street teasers are appearing on TV2 again, Mike & Hilary are already comfy in their new 6pm slot over at 3, and as for John & Carol - we will have to wait until April to see the fruits of their labour. Over at Prime, Alison Mau has also signed up to join Holmes in producing the new show.

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