January 13, 2005

Thoughts on 2004

I'm a few months off my Blogiversary. 2005 is here and soon(ish), my blog will have a new cover. I'm not one to dwell on events of the past (unless they're hilarious), but I've been thinking of doing a post like this one for a little while.

These are some highlights of my blog subjects over the last 8 or so months. This, I would hope increases your chances of finding something in particular I've written about over this time, especially using the blog search box displayed above.

• "The Superstation" The worlds most powerful AM radio station
• "The Great Audio Codec Test 2004" - trying out compressed audio formats
• "IBOC" - better reception for radios
• "Flag It" - my thoughts on the Union Jack
• "Toutatis" and "Toutatis Visits" - Earths meteorite visitor
• "Cassini" - Johnny Gill presents space-trivia!
• "Rove:Live" - What the?
• "You Whores" - Bill Drummond is still clever.
• "Side C" - the truth behind hidden tracks
• "Sniglet Anyone?" - The term is resurrected, only to resurrect the terms.
• "Dirty S.O.B's!" - my battle with Danger Mouse (not the DJ), and his posse.
• "ex EM!" - my thoughts on Digital Broadcasting
• "View from inside a metal Kit-Kat" - a day on an Auckland bus
• "Losono" - The people that gave us mp3, now offering a surround sound format
• "Mozilla Magic" - I cast Internet Explorer into the fire and welcome Firefox
• "Hiccout The Hiccups" - old wives cures for hiccups
• "Guilty Pleasures" - what is in your old music collection?
• "Ke? F See?" - KFC exposed.
• "Metaphor Creates Kaos" - the answer to the chicken - egg question. Finally!
• "Stern Sells Sirius" - Howard Stern moves to Digital, and I love it!
• "Letterman Gets Interviewed" - Letterman sits in the guest chair. An interesting man.
• "Rejected Radio Formats" - Is there any money in these radio brands?
• "Canwest Makes Changes" - Canwest Radio ditches every one of their heritage stations in a mass rebranding.

Here's to an interesting 2005!

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