July 9, 2004

Rove [Live]

I'm often told "you've got too much time on your hands". I have straight lines on my hand, my right wrist has three even 'wrinkle bracelets', the left the same except one is broken. Maybe I do have a lot of time on my hands, literally. As for my day to day routine - its just good time management.

After watching Rove Live last weekend, I thought Id better visit the website and see what bits never made "What The?".

WOW I was overcome with amazement! Such impertinence filled with supernatural influence!
It's better than Mike Kings show! and other great statements of convenience in the spur of the moment...

I even found a Rove blog, to which I have posted an odd little picture, in the hope that I can tick another publication my name appears. (FHM, Netguide and PCWorld so far, oh and a Courier piece on Q96FM from 1995 - which is currently another post in draft form)

I quite like the show, and this is the pic I sent to the Rove Blog:

Spotted on the door at a K Road Barbers

Also, as the internet goes - you may view a site that I may not visit for years to come (and probably by accident). Finally the reverse happened, where I was pointed to Emotion Eric's website, to which I barked "thats old news bro" to a fast rising PI drive jock. I had an email from a Floridian University ICQ buddy back in '98 about this site, who knew Eric.

Now, Eric is someone with too much time on his hands.

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