July 13, 2004

Whatever happened to?

Katherine Kinnard

I ran into a repeat of Street Legal last night and pondered that very question.

If the name is lost upon you, then any New Zealander will recognise her from Street Legal. She played Joni - once David's (Laga'aia) lover and business partner in their law firm.

Some may even remember, she was briefly on Shortland Street as 'Lucinda Reeves'. She played a nemesis to dear Rachel, whilst man-juggling.

Upon a little digging, I also found out that she starred in a NZ filmed british series called Dark Knight. She was one of many whom passed through Xena (she played Miss Skiros), she starred as 'Astrid' in ScreenWorks other TV show "Hard Out", hosted the 2003 Modus Operandi Fashion Design Awards alongside Mr Peter Urlich, and late last year starred as Miss Julie in August Strindberg's show at the Maidment last year - to the delight of The Listener.

So where has she gone? Has she moved into natural therapies with a big herb garden or discovered white gold and is now helping sick people in remote corners of the globe?

She has been working on a film with Lions Gate Films (see: Michael Moore's "9/11") called The Vector File, which is currently in release through Arkles Entertainment. It's about an accidental DNA printout that could void the human race by a mutant strain of Smallpox. Charming. Katherine playes a Russian secret service agent out to retrieve the DNA in a race before a bunch of Russian bio-terrorists (backed by the Russian Mafia) beat her to it. WILD!

I hope it hasn't affected her poetry.

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