July 18, 2004

Front Seat

The latest to my list of favourite TV programmes. Hosted by Oliver Driver.
Think B@ckChat a few years back when Bill Ralston did exactly the same thing.

Bill is in charge of TVNZ now, and Gibson Group are in the fold yet again (they also bring us The Insiders Guide To Happiness and Facelift - both great shows) and it seems that Front Seat is the successor to B@ckchat.

I heard talk last week in the leadup to the opening of Studio on Karangahape Road about the impending doom over Helen Young Studios. I learn more from Front Seat, that TRN want the space for offices when the lease is up and Radio New Zealand will then move out possibly losing a precious piece of NZ history in the process.

Also, Oliver had a prepped chat with Peter Cavanagh (the aussie in charge of Radio New Zealand) about the inconclusive fate of the Helen Young Studio, as well as that 'Youth Radio' beast again. Mr Cavanagh is convinced he can not only get our youth listening to National Radio but to also stay loyal. He will 'look at it again'.

Front Seat has its own website - to save me the trip through a framed quicktime hell at TVNZ.co.nz - JOY!

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