July 26, 2004

Sunday Shining

Was it ever!

I had a great day last Sunday. I took a girl mate of mine out. She had NO IDEA where I was taking her. Early last year I took her to the Zoo - coz she had lived in Auckland for a few years now and had never visited our fair Kashin and mob, so we did that - but only got halfway through when the park closed. Bugger.

So last Sunday, I picked her up. She thought I wanted a couple of hours with her for input into a recording session or something like that - and to her surprise, I turned into Motions Road and she clicked. 'Awww wow rich, thats such a brilliant idea - AND the weather is great too!"

We spent 4 hours at the Auckland Zoo - and it's changed HEAPS! They have finished nearly all the new enclosures, and are now working on their own offices etc (they are using builders pods for the ticketing, and another for the gift shop).

By the looks of it, they are also building what could be a small shopping/cafe alley. Classy. To offset this, there has been a price increase by a couple of dollars since the beginning of July, but it's money well spent:

[Pic 1][Pic 2][Pic 3][Pic 4]

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