July 25, 2004

The Vampire still has bite

At one point, I found myself on the edge of my seat! I was bending to pick up my milo. The final hour of 24 last Friday night was good, but nowhere in the neighbourhood of GREAT. It was probably the weakest episode of the whole series.

Strings conveniently tied themselves up, and the producers instead played the mental trauma card of Jack Bauer. He cried in a moment of weakness, alone in his vehicle. It's clear he is suffering from Post-Dramatic Stress Disorder - what with having to kill a fellow CTU agent in the head to satisfy a terrorist, chop off his daughters boyfriends hand with an axe, hiding and eventually beating a job-inflicted drug addiction, oh, and saving the world from a powdered killer virus (which in earlier episodes seemed to be in liquid form) only to be called to another job 5 minutes after the fact, as if he had to issue a parking ticket.

Kiefer Sutherland in real life seems odd too. I caught him on Letterman laughing loudly about something that he only seemed to 'get'. The man has a short fuse when it comes to drinking and fighting, and just last week our NZ media played tabloid by reporting Kiefer's odd antics at the Raetihi Cozzie Club. He danced to 'You Can Leave Your Hat On' and took off his shirt and socks, hogging the stage acting a fool. Apparently he was so overwhelmed by the hospitality (y'know, treating him like a freakin' human) that he thought it'd be fun to join in.

The Vampire still has his bite, I'm just a bit annoyed that the 3rd series ended without a major punch in the goolies. [sfx: balloon fart]. RoveLIVE is now in the vacated timeslot (9:30 Fridays, TV3).

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