July 16, 2004

cookie crumbs

Over the last week, I've been tracking you all you dirty bastards!
Reading my blog, snickering to yourself and making Johnny Gill watercooler fodder.

Amongst all the visitors over the last week from various mud huts in New Zealand and around the world, I'd like to acknowledge:

Mexico: Distrito Federal (although the bugger needed to translate my page to read it);
USA: Boston, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia (Arlington), Springfield (Illinois), Farmington (Missouri), Buffalo (New York).
UK: Gravesend (sounds fun there!)
Canada: Toronto
South Africa: Capetown (thats the bottom left)

I also had a visitor from an Institute of Phychiatry in the UK. WTF?
Yes, they use Mozilla Firefox also :) - and there were plenty more, but if I'd be bored listing them, you'd be bored reading them.

I use statcounter.com in case you were curious how I got this info - although I refuse to link them from here. ha!.

Oh, by the way...

Does Mel have your number?
Who is Leto? I'm moved.
Interested in "A humble girl with healthy desire living in London with one human, one guitar and lots of tiny robots"? Orbyn will see you now.

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