July 10, 2004


Things I know about this mission:
Cassini left Earth in 1997, arrived at Saturn's reception desk last week (July 1) and will wander around the establishment for 4 years, taking photos, and stool samples.

And now, Facts About Saturn, with your host, Johnny Gill!


Hi everyone, I'm Johnny Gill. You may remember my hit 'Rub You The Right Way' during Teddy Riley's 'NewJackSwing' movement in the early 90's. Anyhoo, I will now present 5 amazing facts about the recent arrival of NASA's Cassini-Huygens spacecraft, down there at Saturn and compare them with my recording career. Word up, dogs.

Fact #1 - "Each ring is 1.5km thick, although total length of all rings span 190,000km. I have had a number of gold records that look like the rings of Saturn."
Fact #2 - "Cassini travelled 3.5 billion kms over a period of 7 years just to GET to Saturn. I lived across the road from Teddy's studio, yup yup."
Fact #3 - "Scientists believe Saturn's rings formed a few hundred million years ago when debris from colliding comets and moons were drawn into orbit around the planet by its gravitational influence. My ring also relies on gravity, although I have not recently checked whats orbiting it."
Fact #4 - "Debris varies in size from tiny dust particles to boulders 10 metres across. I'd have trouble flushing 10 metre boulders, dawg!"
Fact #5 - "This mission has nothing to do with the Lord of the Rings, or any prequel for that matter. I however am the lord of my ring"

Hey, thanks for joining me today and I hope you learnt something about Mars. Oh, and remember, my haircut is real, and my album is still out now!

Tune in next time for more Facts About Saturn, with your host, Johnny Gill!

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