July 18, 2004

Talkback: 7 years of freedom

I particuarly enjoyed Bomber's chat about 'the media' with John Campbell last night on Channel Z. I heard 'Prick' more than once and this assured me that John was a real person. They both questioned American media and an important part of its delivery: Strings.

You cannot show graphic images (like we saw in Vietnam) or talk badly about whats going on in Iraq or anywhere war related for fear of backlash by your own Network. Why? Because they are either part-owned by the gun-makers, or they advertise the bullets. Therefore you get breif coverage on what the real news is, as to whats actually happening. Oh, and mass distortion on the truth not to mention the lack of ethics by the corporate gunk at the top.

A clear victim of this is Fox. We get it overnight on Prime TV. It's Ent-fomercial-news-tainment, and it's shit.

As for Bombers Talkback? If you can imagine the communal applause after watching Michael Moore's 9/11 - then copy and paste here -->.

If you missed it, you can hear the chat with John Campbell again after talkback this sunday (July 25th).. ooonnnlllyyy, on Channel Z.

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