July 16, 2004


It's an institution in America. Everyone knows the game and currently Ken Jennings is the luckiest bastard alive. He has scooped over a million dollars over 30 shows as carryover champion. It's never been this high in it's 40 year history, and I'd say the rule change made last year that binned the "5 day winning streak limit", is responsible for this. It was only a matter of time.

If you're ignorant to Jeopardy, then join my club. I learnt its a simple game show played by asking the correct question to a supplied answer. ie:

A: $349,557
Q: How much funding did Eating Media Lunch obtain for series II?

(btw, I spotted Newsboy zooming through Parnell today in a mini. He's good for it.)

Back in 1954, Merv Griffin's response to the (then) scandal around 'fixing' the outcome of question / answer games - he suggested giving the contestant the answers, and have them come up with the question. Jeopardy was born.

With all the reality shows on NZ television screens at the moment, Id be happy to welcome back simple mindless game shows. It's also interesting to note that the 5th series of "The Amazing Race" begins this weekend - and it's both a reality and game show rolled into one!

Which gameshow would you like see returned to our screens? Post your suggestion below.

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