July 5, 2004


Great to see Michael Schumacher land his 60th Grand Prix Victory win for Ferrari, and his 7th Grand Prix De France win early this morning.

The Ferrari team went out for 4 pit stops with the first an early manouvre. It panned out to be an interesting bit of planning as Schumacher was tailing for the first 32 laps. This careful bit of planning was in place after the second pit stop, tiny adjustments were made to the Ferrari upon Michael's comments from out on the track via radio back to his team.

It gave them an off-axis to the rest of the field. This gave enough room to gain seconds and ultimately position. Second and fourth place belonged to Renault and the other Ferrari landed 3rd.

I look forward to the British Grand Prix next weekend - I believe I'm hooked (and I want a Ferrari) :p Props to Mark Smith for putting me onto the race!

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