April 13, 2005

Ghost Mouse

I've been in the remote networking world for the last week, since purchasing a Woosh modem and putting my server online. It has the potential to be a really stressful headspace - let me tell you.

Can I just say, thank god for Wizard programs - coz after talking with Woosh and a few other tech savvy peeps about ports, IP addresses and all that 'geek' stuff (it is geek, don't deny it), I managed to get everything running last night - although I was still a skeptic until I entered my IP address with password and like magic, on my screen, was a computer 30km away.

Up until now, I have had to drive there every damn day to upload a measley 700kb of information. An expensive trip, and although I dont mind driving - it often put pressure on my daily schedule and after-hours activities ("I just gotta go to the hill") knocking me out for up to 90 minutes, depending on traffic.

I can highly recommend Woosh Wireless if you are in Auckland. They were super-friendly, listened, and offered knowledgeable and practical support. I know this looks like a cheap endorsement but if you're a Jaffa shopping for uber-broadband internet - see Woosh - they support PC/Mac/Linux, and you'll get May free.

Secondly, I highly recomment VNC software. It's open-source, tiny, and just too freakin' simple to use. Try RealVNC or UltraVNC. Each a slighly different flavour of each other. Others here.

VNC is also available across PC/Mac/Linux/Palm platforms and the theory works - you can view other platforms from your machine [take a look], it includes Java versions for browsers and a swag of other utilities.


Amanda said...

i want a woosh modem dammit but they don't have it where i am :(

zgirl said...

Just gotten myself a wireless recently - practically, it was so much more convenient than the old desktop.

Can just plop myself on the bed and surf the net.

It is just wonderful!!!