April 26, 2005

In-Between Days

I awake at 6am. Its like, zero degrees outside and I dont want to get out of bed. I may as well be in the middle of Antarctica.

I get to work about 6:45 - the sun has just climbed the horizon and the world is waking up around me. Temperature warming.

9am and the temperature is much better. Comfy.

I know its April and here in NZ, its Autumn (Fall) heading into Winter. The isobars are getting closer together and im already washing the frost off my car windows every morning... but, the weirdness about all this is that by 11am most mornings at my office, the temprature is Ibizic and almost unbearable.

Two tings jah.

I have airconditioning. It's just not working at the moment.
Last week, the kitchen was flooded so we had giant industrial HEATERS drying the carpet, warming what was already the hottest part of the building. (so why am I gonna try and hide one of those heaters...)

The irony? By the time everythings fixed, I wont need it.

But I digress.

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